During MIPCOM in Cannes, the awards where distributed to programs that payed specific attention to minorities, LGBT (lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender) and handicaps. It is in this category that Team Chocolate won the award for best fiction series.

Team Chocolate is a seven-part roadtrip series for Eén. Jasper Vloemans, a charming young man with Down syndrome, works as a packer in the chocolate factory Tytgat Chocolat. He falls in love with his colleague Tina, a girl from Kosovan origin. When Tina suddenly gets deported, the madly in love Jasper travels after her with some of his friends. The series was written by Filip Lenaerts and Marc Bryssinck, artistic director at Theater STAP. 

MIPCOM in Cannes is an annual fair where new programs can be introduced and sold to people from television from abroad.