Is it possible to go absolutely anywhere on holiday? In Difficult Destinations, Tom Waes sets out to find out, travelling to places that tourists would usually go to great lengths to avoid.

In the first season of Difficult Destinations Tom already visited the most mad and impossible destinations: Turkmenistan, South Sudan, Colombia, the Pitcairn Islands, Iran, Vanuatu, Bhutan and Transnistria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the trio of countries yet to be officially recognised as such by the international community. It was an experience Tom wouldn’t soon forget. He met the strangest people and saw things you wouldn’t read in any travel guide. 

And Tom’s urge to travel only got bigger. In the second season of Difficult Destinations, Tom set off again to find the most remarkable holiday destinations: Albania, Northern Mexico, North Korea, South Korea, Spitsbergen, Alaska, Paraguay and the United States’ Route 65. The result are 9 unique, genuine and exciting travel documentaries about destinations Tom can now definitely scratch off his bucket list. There are worse jobs than being host of a travel programme. 

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Docu, reality
Broadcasting Period: van 2013 tot 2020


World Media Festival

2015, Best Travel Documentary (Win)

Cutting Edge Awards

2016, Best National tv show non fiction (Nominated)

De Vlaamse Televisie Sterren

2014, Best Reality Program (Win)

AIB Media Excellence Awards

2014, International Current Affairs Documentary (Nominated)

Prix Europa

2014, TV Documentary (Win)