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Should you wish to apply to participate in a television programme recording, for example, (as a participant, member of the public, character, etc.), it may be the case that we refer you to a website run by one of our third party partners. The present Terms and Conditions of Use, including the Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, will not apply on the website run by that third party. If you make use of the services offered on that third party's website (and, for example, share your personal details with that third party), you are always subject to the terms and conditions of use, the privacy policy and the cookie policy applicable to the website run by that third party.


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We cannot be held liable for any damage whatsoever, including but not restricted to material, non-material, physical or moral damage (even if we have been informed of the likelihood of such damage), resulting from:

  • interference, disruption or defects in the electronic service provision relating to the Website;
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  • viruses or other potentially harmful code which, despite all our precautions, appear on the Website;
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  • third party statements or behaviour on or via the Website;
  • content placed on or via the Website by third parties (other users included);
  • unauthorised access to or editing of your transmission or data.


You understand and accept that we do not have an active obligation to control the content available through the Website. If you have a complaint about any of the content made available through the Website, because it is, in your opinion, unlawful or inconsistent with the present Terms and Conditions of Use, please report this to us through any of the channels listed in Article 10 of the present Terms and Conditions of Use.

If your complaint relates to an alleged breach of your intellectual property rights, or anyone else's, it will not be processed unless it contains at least the following information:

  • precise details of the content, available on the Website, which you believe constitutes an infringement;
  • sufficient information to enable us to contact the proprietor or his/her representative, such as email address, telephone number, etc.;
  • a statement that you are reasonably of the opinion that the reported use of content is not permitted by the holder of the intellectual property right, his proprietor and/or as the result of any other provision of law;
  • a statement that the information provided is accurate and that you are authorised to act on behalf of the proprietor of the rights which are alleged to have been violated.

We aim to handle every complaint with due care, but are under no obligation whatsoever to take action in relation to that complaint.

Though not obliged, we do nonetheless reserve the right to temporarily or permanently remove any content which we think may be a violation of rights, unlawful, inconsistent with the present Terms and Conditions of Use, intimidating, pornographic, obscene or objectionable in any other way, without seeking the prior permission of any party and without stating reasons for that decision.


We retain the right to change or remove (a part of) the Website at any time and on our own initiative; this may be temporary or permanent and does not require a statement or notice in advance.


If we do not exercise a right or provision (arising) from these Terms and Conditions of Use, this does not in any way imply a waiver of that right or provision.

Should one or more elements of the Terms and Conditions of Use be found to be partially or entirely unenforceable, this shall not affect validity and/or enforceability of the remaining provisions.


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