In World Record Maarten Vangrambergen investigates seven amazing world records in sports. Ever since his youth he was fascinated by top-level athletes and their achievements. First as a fan, later as a master in physical education and now as sport journalist.

How is it possible that some people are capable of incredible achievements that look out-of-this-world? They are the result of exceptional talent and a meticulous coachingby a team of mentors and scientists.

Why is Usain Bolt’s top speed higher that those of other runners? What’s Bradley Wigginsadvantage as an experienced track cyclist over other time trialists during the hour record? How come high jumper Javier Sotomayorhas such long legs?

Every episode starts with the impressive footage of the world record in question. Aided by experts, athletes, the latest scientific researchand his own personal experiencesMaarten analyses second by second, meter by meter what exactly happens during such an extraordinary feat.

He will also regularly don his sports gear to experience first hand how exceptional the world record achievements are in comparison to those of mere sporty mortals like himself. 

World Record was broadcast in 2018 on Canvas.


Channel: Canvas
Genre: Sport
Broadcasting Period: 2018, 2020