Thanks to years of experience in creating and financing internationally appreciated fiction series and movies, De Mensen Group is the perfect partner for you.


De Mensen is an award-winning independent production company in Belgium. Our main drive is to entertain audiences, whether it is with our TV series, lms or TV programs. Professor T., Salamander, Hotel Beau Séjour, Team Chocolate and Chaussée d’Amour are some of De Mensen’s (inter)nationally successful and awarded action productions. By choosing De Mensen as your co-production partner, you can count on:

  • a ‘one-stop shop’ with an experienced team of (line) producers, writers, researchers, specialists in investors relations...
  • excellent support through our legal & commercial department
  • solid relationships with investors & economic funds in all linguistic parts, as well a (inter)national broadcasters and distribution companies
  • reliable contact with Belgian authorities on all governmental levels
  • personalized service during every step of the production & nancing process,including scouting, scheduling, budgeting etc, both on a short and long term basis tting your needs
  • years of experience in different genres


1) Financial incentives: 

  •  Economical funds for features and tv series: Screen Flanders, Screen Brussels and Wallimage. Competitive selective funds, can finance up to 20% of your eligible local spend (max 400 to 500K)
  •  Cultural Fund: only for high-end feature films (talent is key)

2) Belgian tax shelter: for each EUR qualified spent in Belgium, Tax Shelter can finance 42% NET. See below for more information.

3) Multilingual cast & crew experienced in international coproductions 

4) Sophisticated and fully equipped studios and renowned post-production facilities

5) Easily located in the heart of Europe

6) A variety of urban and rural locations, from historical towns, modern architecture, forests, rivers, castles, coastline, ... 


…is an efficient and transparent government approved tax incentive:

  • open to qualifying international co-productions with Belgium
  • Belgian investors get a tax exemption, they do not take recoupment position
  • win win for investors, producers and government
  • support from the economic funds can easily be combined with other financing mechanisms such as the Belgian Tax Shelter

Criteria for funding: 

  • authors and staff come from one of the EU Member States 
  • production has to be accomplished by (a) producer(s) located in Europe
  • production has to be carried out under the supervision and control of European producers 
  • the contribution of coproducers is decisive and coproduction is not controlled by a producer established outside those EU Member States

De Mensen has its own reliable tax shelter team, Gardner and Domm. G&D handles the contact with the investors and the practical follow up, in close interaction with the Belgian producer. We can also provide an intermediary structur (Gallop), which has a cooperation agreement with KBC Flanders and KBC Brussels. 


How does it work?: 

For each EUR qualified spent in Belgium, Tax Shelter can finance 42% NET. Spend needs to be done after the investor has signed. For each EUR spent in Belgium, 1.6 EUR must be spent within the European Economic Area. Our team is more than happy to guide you through all the steps of budgetting, financing and shooting in Belgium by providing more details and adapted, competitive simulations based on your project.

Tax Shelter
Marcel Zandstra
Financial analyst
+32 479 89 08 37
Ivy Vanhaecke
Executive producer