10 years Canvas also means 10 years of sports. Between December 1997 and December 2007 tens of thousands of hours of sports were broadcast on Canvas. And Frank Raes, Michel Wuyts, Karl Vannieuwkerke and Stef Wijnants were there. On the front row, as reporter.

In the documentary series 10 Years of Sports, the four sports journalists look back on all the memorable sports moments, their moments of ten years Canvas. In an old cinema they watch the most legendary images one more time on the big screen. The greatest victories and defeats, explosions of joy and sorrow. They interpret, express their displeasure, or become lyrical. But above all: they tell lots of stories, their own stories. About what they experienced, saw and heard on the spot. Before, during and afterwards.

Some stories are legends already. Others took place out of sight of cameras and were never told, till now. Indeed, Frank, Michel, Karl and Stef also joined sportsmen and -women and athletes when the camera wasn’t rolling: during the preparation for a match, in the loneliness of the hotel room after a defeat, at the party after the victory.

10 Years of Sports, from 1997 until 2007, in four documentaries of 50 minutes each. A birthday present for Canvas, a must for every sports fan.

10 Years of Sports was broadcast on Canvas in December 2007.


Channel: Canvas
Genre: Docu, sport
Broadcasting Period: 2007