The world is made up of all sorts of people: fat, thin, tall, short, dog lovers, couch potatoes, brunettes and even not so dumb blondes… That’s what life is all about – it’s A Question of Sorts.

In each episode of this laugh a minute daily series, four new celebrity players, all with something in common, join the resident captains – Tour de France winners, politicians, rock stars, pregnant women….the list is endless. The teams play a number of lighthearted rounds based on their own common characteristic – so they may find themselves answering questions about famous bald men in history, or even having to perform a karaoke round based upon a medley of punk songs. There is a mime round, a tasting round and of course mystery guests…

Finally, two candidates on the winning team face each other in a thrilling head-to-head round, with the winner earning the right to a place on the Wall of Fame.

One thing is for sure, it takes all sorts to make A Question of Sorts!

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Game
Broadcasting Period: van 2005 tot 2008