For over ten years, All About Animals has been an incontestable brand on national television in Flanders. This weekly magazine stands sure for remarkable and instructive reports about animals from all over the world. Sometimes funny, often moving, but always proving infectious and fascinating.

Every week, host Chris Dusauchoit is on the hunt for the most stringent stories, a guarantee for exciting adventures. Dancing dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar, racing with Siberian huskies in Lapland, facing white and black rhinos in South Africa, searching for the Bengal tiger in India; Chris does it all and enjoys every second of it.

All About Animals also tells the big and little stories of ill, wounded or neglected animals in need of care or rescue. We are on the front row in the veterinarian hospital, the animal shelter and the zoo. Besides the animals themselves, another major role is filled by their masters and mistresses. People keen on the animals and pets that hold a special place in their hearts and lives.

All About Animals is a dedicated show, bringing stories about animals in their natural habitats and beyond.

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Docu, reality
Broadcasting Period: van 2001 to 2015