Anyone for a turkey sandwich? It’s a simple question you often hear in restaurants or at the freezer section of the supermarket. But during the festive season it will be also be asked at just about every Flemish dining table across the country. It’s the question that, more than any thing else, sums up the end-of-the-year spirit in one iconic sentence.

Now, Anyone for a turkey sandwich? is back, to serve you a deep-fried overview of 2016. This festive season the show will provide us with a deliciously crunchy review of the past year, making sure that it’s a year that we’ll never forget. And it will do so with two new captains – Matthias Coppens and Ruth Beeckmans – and host of service, Jonas Van Geel

The fourth season of Anyone for a turkey sandwich? was broadcast in december 2016 on VTM.

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Channel: vtm
Genre: Entertainment
Broadcasting Period: van 2013 tot 2016