Black Out was a tough game show which didn’t only test the knowledge of two quiz candidates but their memory as well.

Two candidates sat in a half dark setting opposite a huge screen that incessantly fired information at them: words, phrases, names… Sometimes the correct answer could be found on the screen, sometimes the screen helped finding the correct answer, but not all information is equally useful.

During the final round the candidates’ short term memory was tested. To win Black Out, candidates had to remember all answers from the previous rounds. The winner returned in the next episode.

The host of the show, Jo Van Damme was a quizmaster with an edge. He started a conversation with the candidates while they were trying to remember all the answers.

The dark setting, the huge screen, the pressure not to forget a single answer and the merciless quizmaster made sure Black Out was a tough, thrilling quiz. Only candidates with nerves of steel can survive.

Black out was broadcast from 2006 until 2007 on Canvas.


Channel: Canvas
Genre: Game
Broadcasting Period: van 2006 tot 2007