On the occasion of the 30th birthday of VTM and on general request of the viewer, Blind Date, the most iconic datingshow ever makes his comeback!

Brand new decors, very appealing singles, amusing game rounds, an enthousiastic and supportive audience and a brand new Ingeborg: Nathalie Meskens. 

And with all the success elements from the past. The unforgettable opening tune, the original voice-over, the wall that slides open and of course… the double wave on the stairs. 

The format

In each date, one single hunter (sometimes even two) and three single prey shoot their most creative seduction tricks over the legendary wall. During three amusing rounds, the candidates try everything to hit each others hearts. 

At the end, the hunter chooses who can join him on the holiday. Blind, based on what he or she heared. When they leave, the couple says goodbye with a double wave on the stairs.The week after, the couple returns to the studio and gives a report of their holiday. We also hear if there is a match… 

Blind Date: vintage daten with a golden ledge. 

Starting wednesday February 6 at 9:15 pm at VTM.


Channel: VTM
Genre: Datingshow
Broadcasting Period: 2019