In the daily access prime time quiz Blockx, a broad general knowledge, dexterity and a sense of humor are crucial. Questions cover a wide range of topics, from fauna and flora, politics and pop music…. And yes, in this quiz, you are allowed to laugh. …. A lot!

How does it work? For each correct answer, a contestant wins points and, the right to play blocks on the board for bonus points. Strategic play is the key to success – the contestant with the most points at the end of three rounds goes through the final. In the final round, the contestant must answer as many questions as possible. For each correct answer, one block is placed upon the game board, and a letter appears. In two minutes they try to discover a hidden word. If they are successful then they win a money prize and return to play the next day. And again, for as long as they keep on winning.

After an incredible 25 seasons, over 7000 contestants and 18000 questions, Blockx has proven itself to be invincible. The quiz achieves an average share of 45% Monday to Friday, with celebrity specials achieving up to 53%.

Blockx – the unbeatable cornerstone to any prime time schedule.

For sales inquiries, please contact Siobhan Crawford at The New Flemish Primitives.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Game
Broadcasting Period: van 1994 tot 2023


De Vlaamse Televisie Sterren

Beste Presentator (Nominatie)

VRT Diversiteitstrofee

Entertainment (Nominated)

Dutch Promo Awards

Best trailer in Show/Game (Won)

Promax World Awards

Entertainment Program Promotion (Nominated)

VRT Diversiteitstrofee

2015, Best Entertainment (Blockx Special: 100 year olds) (Nominated)