After three seasons of knocking on the doors of friendly Dutchmen, Cath Luyten takes a different road in this season. In this special course of Dear Neighbour Cath Luten visits six icons who have contributed each in their own way to the musical history of the low countries and about whom she wonders how they are faring at the moment. This time she knocks doors in both the Netherlands and Flanders and submerges herself for two days in their personal and professional life.

In this new season Cath is welcomed by Willeke Alberti, Guido Belcanto, Xander de Buisonjé (Volumia!), Erik Van Neygen and SanneGerald Joling and Will Ferdy.

This course of Dear Neighbour, which will focus on 6 icons from the Flemish and Dutch music, is part of the new expo Lang Leve De Muziek about 60 years of songs from the Low Countries that opens on the 5thof October. The lively music expo celebrates the Dutch music since 1958 and brings homage to over 100 Dutch artists and bands. Eén and the other VRT-networks will give special attention in different ways with their programs to the extraordinary expo, for instance with this particular season of Dear Neighbour.

Dear Neighbour is broadcasted on Eén starting monday 3rd of september 2018 at 21h30.


Season 1-3

In the first three seasons of Dear Neighbour, Cath visited trueborn Dutchmen who intrigued her. Josje Huisman, cool lady from Drenthe who conquered the world with K3; Peter Jan Rens, the big mister Kaktus himself, the childhood idol of Cath; Hans Klok, illusionist and world star with Hollywood allures; Willie Wartaal, hip-hop and word artist and rebel at De jeugd Van Tegenwoordig; Frans Bauer, the happiest Frans of the Low Countries; showbiz prince Gordon; show host Wendy Van Dijck, comedian Jan Jaap van der Waal, top model Kim Feenstra and cabaretier Freek de Jonge.



Channel: Eén
Genre: Docu, reality
Broadcasting Period: 2016-2019