Last April Tom left for North-Uganda to travel a week through the refugee area for a special episode of Difficult Destinations: Difficult Destinations 12-12. This to support the action Famine 12-12 from Consortium 12-12

Tom will follow the way of the refugees, starting at the frontier post to their new accommodation at the refugee camp. He rolls from one amazing story to the next. At the frontier post, he meets the South-Sudanese Victoria, who has been rescued after she ran away from the famine and violence in her country. After crossing the border the refugees are escorted to a camp. Tom follows them to Bidibidi, since recently the biggest refugee camp in the world. There he meets the young lady Grace who had already started an improvised coffee bar only three weeks after her arrival.

Tom also meets a lot of ngo-workers who are active in North-Uganda. They have a football team for traumatised girls from South-Soudan and a school for South-Sudanese pre-schoolers starting age 3.

Difficult Destinations 12-12 was broadcast in 2017 on Eén.


Channel: Eén
Broadcasting Period: 2017