Elections 2006, Town Hall Live was the starting and finishing event of the local elections in Belgium in 2006. The two shows were broadcast in the fall of 2006 on één.

Every Flemish person was invited to express his or her views on the local council. In the studio we welcomed 308 Flemish persons, one from each municipality. Well-known and unknown citizens, men and women, students and retired people, housewives and bakers, doctors, workmen and teachers could all speak their minds.

In reports and studio discussions Flemish people told their personal stories and they could express what they felt was important for their city or municipality. They did so with the help of an online inquiry. The most important politicians of Flanders, prime minister Guy Verhofstadt and minister-president Yves Leterme, gave their reactions on the opinions of the Flemish people.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Event, live, talk
Broadcasting Period: 2006