When her mother abandons her dementing father, Alex unexpectedly finds herself at a crossroads. As she moves back in the parental house to look after her father, she starts questioning her own life. Does she want to stay with her adulterous husband? She tolerated his affairs for years, but is she really happy with him? Or should she, like her parents, drop the facade?

Façades will have its world premiere on October 14 2017 at Film Fest Ghent. The movie will be released in cinemas on December 13 2017.

With Natali Broods, Johan Leysen and Theo Maassen.

Written by Jan Pepermans, directed by Kaat Beels and Nathalie Basteyns.

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Genre: Drama
Broadcasting Period: 13 December 2017


Film Fest Gent

Film Fest Ghent (selection)