Family Matters is a documentary about family tragedies in Flanders. It was broadcast in September 2006 on Canvas, in the television program Panorama.

“Family tragedies are not investigated thoroughly to save on legal costs”. These are the words from forensic pathologist Wim Vandevoorde in this documentary. As a result, relatives are left behind with many unanswered questions. Apart from that, this makes it impossible to get an overview of the phenomenon or to study it in order to prevent such tragedies. As official figures about the amount of family tragedies in Flanders do not exist, the producers of this documentary compiled a list of all family tragedies of the last twelve years. They came to the conclusion that the amount is increasing at an alarming rate.

Family Matters also made a reconstruction of three remarkable family tragedies, based on statements of relatives, friends and policemen.

Family Matters was broadcast on Canvas in 2006.


Channel: Canvas
Genre: Docu
Broadcasting Period: 2006