Today in the UK and US alone, more than 50% of people over 18 are single. But research shows that almost all singles actually crave a longterm relationship. Now, Finding Love is here to give them a helping hand.

Testing the relationship before it has begun

Finding Love is a dating show unlike any other, a unique mix of factual entertainment and dating where each week we follow 3 new singles in their quest for love. 

On Monday, we test the ‘love at first sight’ factor, as the singles each date someone that they choose themselves. On Tuesday, it’s the turn of family or friends to nominate a different date with perfect match potential. Wednesday sees a scientific approach as we ask the experts to compile love profiles for our singles, to find them the best possible life partner.

Three days in a row, all the singles get to know each other through various relationship tests. No romantic candlelit dinners –  instead, real life situations to test the true connection between them before the relationship has even begun.

And it works!

In season one, no less than 5 of the 15 singles found their match. And today, these couples are still happily in love.

Finding Love was broadcast during the summer of 2015 and 2016 on Eén. 

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Game, reality
Broadcasting Period: van 2015 tot 2016


VRT Diversiteitstrofee

2016, Prize for Diversity (Nomination)