Singer and presenter, Bent Van Looy was found murdered in the fish pond of his friend Tomas De Soete. The police suspects De Soete of murder. Tomas, once a radio- and television celebrity, but now he disappeared in the background.

Tomas De Soete, once a radio- and televison celebrity, but in the previous years, disappeared in the background. Last months, he was preparing his comeback in his man cave in recreation area Polderput. 

Polderput includes dozens of fish ponds with trailers and summerhouses on the banks of the Schelde. It is the ideal spot to spend the weekends with friends and family. When Tomas puts two office containers and starts his new production house Fiskepark, he makes new friends real fast, but also new enemies. 

On a morning, Bent Van Looy was found dead in the fish pond of De Soete, with a hatchet in his head. Everything indicates that Tomas hit his friend.  The headlines say “due to professional jealousy”. Tomas tries to shake off the suspicions by revealing a lot about his personal life, his fears and his problems. In vain, will show: he seems already convicted even before the investigation started, much less the trial is finished. Tomas his life becomes a real nightmare. 

But something strange also happens: the more is revealed about his personal life, the more popular he becomes. the hunger of the audience for Tomas his problems is insatiable. Tomas’ misery is authentic and gives a comforting thought that they aren’t having such a bad time. 

Fiskepark is a quirky parody of the ‘true crime’ genre: documentaries about real crime scenes. The genre became more popular thanks to succesful series as Making a Murder and Amanda KnoxFiskepark is a serie of Filip Lenaerts (Tytgat Chocolat) en Joerie Vlekken. The leading roles are played by Bent Van Looy, Tomas De Soete, Jan jaap van der Wal and Siska Schoeters. 

The seven episodes will be broadcasted starting Wednesday May fifteen at 9:20 pm at Canvas. All episodes are available from May 15 on the online platform VRT NU.


Channel: Canvas
Genre: Fake true crime
Broadcasting Period: 2019