Warm television, relevant subjects, familiar emotions and human stories. This was the foundation of Goedele Now, Goedele Liekens’ talk show.

The title Goedele Now refers to Goedele as a person and the things that affect her. This is very wide-ranging, as Goedele is knows her way around various worlds: she is ex-Miss Belgium, sexologist, UN ambassador, editor in chief of her own magazine and mother of two children.

In Goedele Now Goedele discusses emotions, current affairs, relationships, social problems, sports, sex, psychology and politics. In all these strong stories, people and emotions will be the central focus. The flush of victory of a top-class sportsman who has had a very rough time for example, or the relief of a victim who can finally tell what he has been through, the infinite love between a parent and a child or the fear of failure of a very successful artist, …

Goedeles guests are Flemish celebrities who are facing important moments in their lives, unknown Flemish people who appeared in the news and international stars passing through Flanders. They all open up their hearts, show their emotions, and tell their stories.

Goedele acts as the warm hostess, listening carefully to the unusual tales. Warm and human. Empathic but at the same time critical.


Channel: vtm
Genre: Talk
Broadcasting Period: 2010