Let’s be honest – who hasn’t wondered from time to time what it would be like to be a fly on the wall at their own funeral! To see who’s present, and who isn’t, who’s smiling, and who is in floods of tears. And of course, to hear what those same guests actually say about us!

Impossible in real life, of course, but not for In Laughing Memory.  Time to upturn the rules of nature in a brand new comedy show in which a celebrity each week gets the unique chance to attend his own funeral. And what’s more, you’re even allowed to laugh!

Each week the memorial service itself is officiated by the program’s host with the “Three Best Friends” of the deceased, selected from the country’s finest actors and comedians, acting as chief mourners AND merrymakers. Throughout the proceedings, they are shown excerpts from the deceased’s own last will and testament on video, and they must do their utmost to ensure that that his last wishes are fulfilled with both respect and a liberal dose of humour.

In a flagrant breach of funeral etiquette, the deceased is alive and well at his own funeral. From his place in the audience, not far from his coffin, he can sit back and enjoy his own wake to witness at first hand how the world bids him farewell. But upon condition that he is there as a spectator only. After all, dead men (and women) don’t tell tales!

In the final round, The Last Respects, the deceased takes up his place in his coffin, as his best friends deliver a final glowing eulogy, the ultimate tribute to their dearly departed friend, and one that he will carry with him to his grave.

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Channel: Canvas
Genre: Entertainment
Broadcasting Period: van 2012 tot 2013


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