The cold winter nights have never felt so warm, because Niels Destadsbader lights the fireplace, serves hot cacao and will give you the cosiest winter nights ever.

Six familiar Flemings drop down in the sofas and compete with each other with only one goal in mind: to give their unknown junior a wintery trip. Even if that means they have to crawl on top of snowballs, or lose their voices, or sniff out an item that’s in between them. Is there Flan on the Mont Blanc? The marshmallows in your cacao.

 Actors and actresses, singers, athletes, anchors, comedians,… All who is known in Flanders appears in Is there flan on the Mont Blanc? Some familiar Flemings already passed by in Is there wifi on Tahiti?, like the girls from K3, the Romeo’s and the Family-actors. But a lot of familiar faces participate for the first time with Niels, among them James Cooke, Dagny Ros, Pieter Timmers, Julie Van Der Steen and Elke Clijsters. Despite the cold temperatures, they’ll make sure the mood is piping-hot!

Is there flan on the Mont Blanc? was broadcasted in 2017 on VTM.


Channel: vtm
Genre: Entertainment
Broadcasting Period: 2017