31st July 1993: the Belgian king Baudouin dies unexpectedly, and suddenly the novice Prince Albert II must be prepared as quickly as possible in order to be ready to accede to the Belgian throne. As a journalist Dany Verstraeten has been there from the beginning, and over the years, has followed the life of King Albert II closely. Now, in It’s Albert!, over the course of four episodes he tells the story of Albert’s reign, from the death of his brother and predecessor until right up to the moment of his abdication on Wednesday 3rd July 2013.

Why was Albert II chosen to succeed Baudouin, and how did he react to this decision? And what were people expecting of him as King? Why was Prince Philip passed over at the time? And what was the surprising role that King Albert II played in 1996 as the Dutroux affair gripped Belgium? What sort of a father and a husband was King Albert II? And as a “king without a country” what was his precise role during the parliamentary crises of 2010 and 2011? What were the reactions when the king announced his abdication? And is Prince Philip now finally ready to follow in his father’s footsteps?

It’s Albert! paints a portrait of King Albert II as head of state, father, husband and as a person.  And it’s a true and honest portrait, with a personal touch and some unexpected and surprising contributors. Leading politicians, journalists, friends, family and others each give us their own personal take on the reign of Albert II, his triumphs and his faults, his most moving, and most difficult moments. 

It’s Albert! was broadcast July 2013 on VTM.


Channel: vtm
Genre: Docu
Broadcasting Period: 2013