Karen Damen had been in K3 for seventeen years. Everything was done for her and she reached the stars with the immensely popular girls trio. But now at 42 years of age, she wants even more. She finally goes for her big dream: to make a (solo) album. To realise that dream, she’ll give herself exactly one year.

 On March 16 2018, Karen releases this album onto the world in the Lotto Arena. VIER-program Karen makes an albumfollows Karen and her entourage on her yearlong journey towards her first solo album. From her wild ideas and the first contacts with musicians to a finished product: her album and her very first solo concert in the Lotto Arena.

But: how to make an album? Because now she is on her own. What will her album be like? Her taste tends to be a tad eclectic: from rock and country to Marco Borsato to trance and folky pop. Who of her many national and international heroes can she ask for help? But, above all: why in god’s name did she take this difficult new path? She already played in the biggest concert halls, sold millions of albums and became a real TV-star as well. On that question she certainly knows the answer: because it has been her dream since 1981. She can’t help but taking the risk. On her own.

Karen makes an album was broadcasted in 2018 on VTM.


Channel: VIER
Broadcasting Period: 2018