May I kiss you? is a tongue-in-cheek celebrity dating show. Each week three celebrities put up a fight for the heart and the brains of one woman or man celebrity.

Their sole weapons are romance, poetry, intelligence and humor. The person they fight for is their grand jury. She or he decides who falls in and who falls out of grace. And the stakes are high: at the end of the show, the one who charmed him or her the most gets to kiss them.

May I kiss you? Three competitors, one object of affection and the hilarious art of seduction.

May I kiss you? is back for its fifth season. Once more the audience can enjoy the clumsy, sometimes romantic, but always hilarious attempts of three casanova’s – be they male or female – to seduce their desired one.

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Channel: Eén, Canvas
Genre: Entertainment
Broadcasting Period: van 2009 tot 2017


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