Millionaire, the legendary quiz with the phenomenal grand prize is back! With an all new game system and a brand new host: Staf Coppens!

The new version of Millionaire is a combination of excitement, knowledge and strategy. In every episode, six candidates will battle for an incredible amount of money. A nerve-racking game of musical chairs will decide who will end up on Staf’s chair at question 15. Because that’s what it’s all about: only the candidate that sits on that chair at question 15 and is able to give the correct answer, will go home with the money they earned during the game.

 But Millionaire isn’t just about the tension and the suspense, there will also be a lot to laugh about. With funny videos and witty talks. And with every night six new endearing candidates who must keep their nerves steady.

For sales inquiries, please contact Steven Allcock at The New Flemish Primitives.


Channel: VTM
Genre: Game show
Broadcasting Period: 2017, 2018