For the second season of One Year From Now Cath Luyten is once again looking for new candidates who want to give themselves one year to accomplish something very special. People with a resolution who are determined to see it through, and who want to share that plan with the rest of Flanders

Do you want to … announce your coming-out to your surroundings? Propose to your foreign lover and get him/her to Belgium? Find and thank the man who saved your life? Conquer your biggest fear? Lose 30 kilos so you can fit in your bridal dress? Solve a yearlong feud with your brother? Tackle a persistent addiction? Visit your biological family? Recover completely from an accident?

Everything is possible, big and small plans, as long as you have a good reason and are determined.

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 Season 1

In One Year From Now Cath Luyten welcomes every week in her studio a number of normal Flemings who want to achieve something extraordinary in 2017. All of them are determined to realise their resolutions – big or small. Under an encouraging applause, they leave the studio to return several seconds later. In reality a full year has passed and the viewer will find out whether the guests have succeeded in their personal mission or not.

One Year From Now takes root and won’t leave anyone untouched.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Reality
Broadcasting Period: 2018-2020