RSC Anderlecht, the most successful football team in Belgium, celebrated its 100th birthday in 2008. RSC Anderlecht 100 guarantees you 173 minutes of intense pleasure in the form of three documentaries: the history of Anderlecht, the eleven biggest players of the club and the hundred most beautiful goals in the history of the club.

RSC Anderlecht 100

The history of RSC Anderlecht is narrated in a compelling documentary of eighty minutes. Legends of Anderlecht such as Paul Van Himst, Jan Mulder, Robbie Rensenbrink, Gille Van Binst, Enzo Scifo, Pär Zetterberg and many others reconstruct the highlights of 100 years of RSC Anderlecht. They relive the most thrilling championships, all the European finales, Super Cups and Champions League games. This documentary, containing a lot of details about the club, reconstructs the extraordinary history of RSC Anderlecht.

The eternal 11 of RSC Anderlecht

100 years of RSC Anderlecht means hundreds of players from different magnificent football generations. But who were the best of all? A jury consisting of 50 ex-players, trainers and sport journalists tries to figure it out. They compose their dream team: the eternal 11 of RSC Anderlecht.

The 100 most beautiful goals of RSC Anderlecht

Players, trainers and journalists select and discuss their favourite goals of RSC Anderlecht. In this documentary, magnificent goals are shown from important games, but also phenomenal dribbles; goals of which we cannot get enough and of which Anderlecht is extremely proud.


Channel: Canvas
Genre: Docu, sport
Broadcasting Period: 2008