Every day, we all find ourselves in situations where we don’t immediately know how to behave. Often those situations are embarrassing, slightly awkward to really painful, or sometimes hilarious.

Some things are so not okay…

What do you say when someone greets you as a friend and you can’t remember who it is or what his name is? How do you know when to greet someone with a kiss, a handshake, a hug, and how do you avoid messing up? What do you do when you get a split bill at a restaurant but your best friend had the lobster, while you settled for spaghetti? Would you share your e-mail or Facebook password with your partner? We ask ourselves these kinds of questions every day, although usually too late. Enter So Not Okay!

Tom Waes & Cath Luyten

For ten weeks, celebrities Tom Waes and Cath Luyten share their own embarrassing situations, and inform us on how to do it right. Tips in order to survive in the social jungle. Every week, another theme is illustrated along with a cast of renowned and less familiar actors. 

So Not Okay! was broadcast from in 2015-2016 on Eén.

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Entertainment
Broadcasting Period: van 2015 tot 2016