In the titillating new singing contest Stars For Life, twelve Flemish celebrities will face off to raise money for Music For Life, the yearly event where Flanders tries to collect money for a good cause. For three weeks long, they will sing their throats soar for a good cause that they may choose themselves.

No professional singers

The candidates of Stars For Life may be talented celebs, but they’re not professional singers. For twelve live shows long, they will have to step out of their comfort zone and battle against each other in this exciting singing contest. There’s a professional jury, of course, but it’s the viewers’ verdict that counts the most. The viewer votes for his or her favourite candidate and the good cause that the candidate is representing. This way, Stars For Life will deliver the largest contribution for Music For Life. 

Song For Life

The winner of Stars For Life will become the face and the voice of the Song For Life. Two composers will create the song, along with the viewers. Every day, the viewer will receive a task and through the website of Eén or via social media, he or she can make his or her contribution. Every day, the composers will choose one to use in the Song For Life. 

Stars For Life was aired December 2013, on Eén.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Entertainment, live
Broadcasting Period: 2013