Studio 1 on Sundays was the reference for football talkshows in Flanders. After each match day in the first division Frank Raes discussed the most remarkable moments of the football weekend with some four guests.

Each Sunday evening Frank Raes invited two experts with a striking opinion: critical sports journalists and/or quick-witted ex-football players. Other guests are well-known football players, coaches, the heroes and antiheroes of the weekend. In brief: Studio 1 on Sunday evening gave the floor to everyone you wanted to hear about football.

In the popular feature ‘Pinanti is pinanti’, Studio 1 looked for the best young football player in Flanders. After a series of tests one player would be named the winner out of thousands of young players in the “miniemen” division (under 13). To cool-headedly take ‘pinanties’ (penalty kicks) is an important discipline, but also technique, agility and ball handling are important.

As a presenter, commentator, reporter and editor, Frank Raes became one of the most respected sports journalists in Flanders. He has won the sports press award three times and has conducted about 2500 interviews. Frank likes talking to people and people like talking to Frank.

Studio 1 on Sundays was the appointment for each football-lover who wanted to keep abreast of what’s going on in Belgian football.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Sport, talk
Broadcasting Period: van 2005 tot 2008