In Surviving the Special Forces, Tom Waes monitors 15 normal Flemish people in the adventure of their lives. Who will survive the very heavy week full of physical and mental tests right out of the Special Force training.

In Surviving The Special Forces, it’s for once not Tom Waes who expands his boundaries, but he watches how others do. Tom selected fifteen Flemish candidates, that were challenged by the Special Forces, a hyper trained unit in the Belgian army, for a week. Tom witnessed the whole adventure from the first row.

Tom Waes: “Surviving The Special Forces is a unique cooperation with the Belgian Special Forces and a televison program, like I have never made one.”

In Surviving The Special Forces, Tom isn’t just a reliance for ‘his’ candidates, but he also takes the chance to get to know the Belgian Special Forces as good as possible. The Special Forces are a discrete unit that can be used in all kind of military operations. Their training program is known as on of the most tough and hard challenges that exist. Normally, only soldiers can apply for the program to become an SF-operator, but due to Surviving The Special Forces, normal citizens get one chance to experience the reality of the Special Forces. 

Surviving The Special Forces, starting December 12 at 8pm on channel Eén.  


Channel: Eén
Broadcasting Period: 2019-2020