Over the years, thousands of Belgians have watched Flemish pop artists perform their greatest hits in Ten To Watch, a live music show hosted by Flemish celebrities Willy Sommers and Anne De Baetzelier. Now, the memorable show and its remarkable hosts are back, albeit this time with a hint of Heading for the Stars, the sketch comedy programme in which a comedy cast imitates a range of Belgian celebrities. 

During the summer of 2014, a variety of artists relived their golden years and performed their best hits in front of thousands of spectators, at two live shows recorded at the Belgian coast. At the same time, the cast of Heading for the Stars offered their own contemporary and hilarious takes on some of the most memorable Ten To Watch hit songs.  

Both shows were broadcast in August, on VTM. 


Channel: vtm
Genre: Entertainment, event
Broadcasting Period: 2014