Host Adriaan van den Hoof is plumb crazy about the arts. And in That’s My Art!, he and a celebrity guest get the chance to learn lots of new artistic skills.

Each episode sees them both being coached by a young expert in a new discipline, and once Adriaan and his co pupil have mastered the basics, it’s time to put their newfound talents to the test in a head to head artistic duel. Each Thursday, after the last duel has been fought, we discover which of the two is most artistically inclined, and for the loser there’s a quid pro quo penalty set by the week’s champion.

For six weeks, Adriaan throws down the gauntlet and challenges some top celebrities to prove their artistic mettle, including actors Peter Van den Begin and Arne Focketyn, and daredevil host Bartel Van Riet. Three women also take up the challenge: hosts Sofie Van Moll and Tatyana Beloy, as well as KetNet announcer Veronique Leysen.

For the celeb with two left feet, or who’s all fingers and thumbs, it’s no problem – he can elect to play his joker and opt out of one of his duels, to be substituted by a top expert in that particular field – and then it’s more than likely that Adriaan will be unceremoniously beaten!

Be it rap, pottery, folk dancing, ballet, sculpture… After putting cool sports and fun jobs in the spotlight in That’s My Sport! and That’s My Job!, That’s My Art! gives eighteen artistic girls and boys the chance to show Adriaan, his celebrity guests and all of Flanders how cool the arts really are. 

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Channel: Ketnet
Genre: Kids
Broadcasting Period: 2012


International Emmy Kids Awards

EBU Creative Forum Awards

Prix Europa