Dance – not only fun, hip and challenging, it is also a unique way in which to communicate and to show your true feelings; and that holds true for adults and most definitely for children. These days, dance schools are just about bursting at the seams, and kids can be found dancing in living rooms across the country.

In the brand new series That’s My Dance, Dimitri Leue immerses himself in 15 very different forms of dance, ranging from hip hop to water ballet (synchronized swimming), from the Viennese waltz to modern dance. In every episode, Dimitri competes against a celebrity guest in a specific dance style. And at the end of each week, we find out whether it is Dimitri or his guest for the week who has really managed to best master the various dance forms. Who is most flexible? Which of the two has the most rhythm and which of them can improvise perfectly. In short, who will be able to convince the jury with their moves?

That’s My Dance is the latest in the successful That’s My…. series: That’s my Sport, That’s My Job and That’s My Art, the latter of which was most recently nominated for the Prix Europa in the TV Innovation category.

But contrary to previous years, this time around the celebrity guests must rely on their own merits – there are no jokers to play this time, giving them the chance to opt out of those trickier dances. This time they themselves have to compete in each one of the duels at the end of each dance-filled day.

The Celebrity Guests

In week one, Dimitri invites chef and tv star Jeroen Meus to put on his dancing shoes. And together they learn how to cheerlead, to dance the capoeira and the Viennese waltz.

In the second week, Dimitri and tv continuity girl Saartje Vandendriessche try their hands (or rather feet!) at wheelchair dancing, hip hop and country line dancing.

Week three sees radio and tv host Peter Van de Veire and Dimitri breakdancing, and doing modern dance and the cha cha cha.

In the fourth week, Dimitri and Charlotte Leysen, who herself studied dance, show their best raga, rock’n roll and syncho swimming moves.

And finally it’s the turn of Tom Waes, who together with Dimitri learns how to Jazz Dance, body pop as well as getting the chance to don high heels and dance a fiery flamenco.

The Host

Dimitri Leue (°1974) is an actor, writer and father of three who combines his regular theater work with tv and film roles, and a number of his projects have been focused specifically on children. He made the series W@=D@ specially for kid’s channel Ketnet and is a member of the theatre group  De Kakkewieten. He also conceived and directed young theater presentation WieJoow and studied a number of different circus disciplines in Circus Voor Dimmies.  

That’s My Dance! was broadcast in 2013 on Ketnet.

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Channel: Ketnet
Genre: Kids
Broadcasting Period: 2013