Youngsters let themselves go in the city; they express themselves through a variety of ‘urban’ sports and hobbies. The city inspires and is one large playground. Urban is much more than just street and hip-hop culture. It has become a synonym for all that is young, hip and tough.

That’s Urban! is the new series where Dimitri Leue dives right into all this urban chaos and – together with 5 different Flemish celebrities – discovers 15 contemporary activities. From Beatbox to Stunt Step, from Free Running to Aggressive Inline Skating.

In That’s Urban!, host Dimitri Leue challenges a guest celebrity in every episode in a specific urban activity. At the end of the week, we’ll know who has the best urban skills. A child that excels in his or discipline will teach them the basics. Who can freestyle the best? Who has the most flow? Who has the baddest moves and the coolest tricks and will win the battle?!

That’s Urban! is the bold, big brother and follow-up of That’s my Sport, That’s My Job, That’s My Dance and That’s My Art, the latter of which was most recently nominated for an International Emmy Kids Award, in the category Non Scripted Entertainment.

Together with his guest celebrities, Dimitri will learn Freestyle BMX, Graffiti, Surfing, Freestyle Frisbee, Beat Box , Stunt step, House dance, Street Photography, Free Running, Freestyle Basket, Street Performance, Aggressive Inline Skating, Freestyle Soccer, Bouldering and Downhill Longboarding.

That’s Urban! was broadcast in May-June 2014, on Ketnet. 

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Channel: Ketnet
Genre: Kids
Broadcasting Period: 2014