In The Big Crossing two Flemish villages will submerge themselves for one week in a large-scale social experiment. The women of the Limburgian Lafelt moved in with the women of Rosmeer. The men of Rosmeer moved in with the men of Lafelt in that same week. Flanders had thus for one week a male village and a female village, in the beautiful south of Limburg.

For one week the men and women had to take care of their own affairs. The Big Crossing wanted to check if they could take over each other’s place and job seamlessly.

Host and observer Chris Dusauchoit guided the townsfolk expertly through all the evolutions and developments in both villages. This led to fascinating and socially relevant stories about how well men and women can take over each other’s tasks at home, at work or in the associations, how differently they approach children, the cooking pots or decision-making. This made The Big Crossing a fascinating battle of the sexes full of humour, tension and emotion. 

The Big Crossing was broadcasted in 2007 on Eén.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Docu, reality
Broadcasting Period: 2007