The Brightest Light is a brand new and witty game show in which Gert Verhulst and his personal assistant Ruth Beeckmans will enjoy themselves by subjecting 5 familiar Flemings to a bunch of bizar tasks. Frieda Van Wijck, Sven De Ridder, Olga Leyers and Guga Baùl are the four regular participants. And every week they’ll be joined by an occasional contestant, like Staf Coppens, Kamal Kharmach and Tom Waes.

“Make this block of ice disappear as fast as possible”, “Paint the most beautiful horse while horse driving yourself” or “fill this eggcup with as many tears as possible”. It are only a few of the crazy, tricky or downright ridiculous tasks the candidates had to complete. Referee Ruth Beeckmans is on duty: she’ll give the candidates advice and provide witty commentary on their often-hilarious attempts.

Who will get it done the fastest? And who will do it the most clever or original way? In short: who is the brightest light? Only Gert will decide afterwards in the studio. Together with Ruth Beeckmans he’ll invites the candidates in who are forbidden ‘till then to talk about their performances. They don’t know how the others tackled the tasks, but will discover it in the studio together. With hilarious commentary, of course. Because Gert will also find out just then how his panel has fared. He’ll hand out commentary and points as he pleases for the fastest, the cleverest, the best, the prettiest, … Gert’s judgement is final. The one with the highest score at the end of the episode is the victor and will be for one week… The Brightest Light!

 The Brightest Light is the Flemish version of the successful British format Taskmaster.

 The Brightest Light was broadcasted on VTM in 2016.


Channel: vtm
Genre: Entertainment, game
Broadcasting Period: 2016