Meet Doctor Bea! She answers all of your questions about your body, love, relationships and even about sex. No question is too crazy!

 To answer all of them clearly, she will be aided by doctors and specialists who know all about it.

 In every episode doctor Bea will also have an interesting or cool skype-talk with a well-known Fleming about a special subject.

She’ll talk with Sean Dhondt, Koen Wauters, Slongs Dievanongs, Jani Kazaltzis, Gers Pardoel, Tatyana Beloy,…

But there is more, because she’ll also invite youngsters to talk about their own experiences.

And sometimes she wants to show you how something is done. She’ll dive in her skills lab and demonstrate in a funny way what the best way is to kiss somebody for example. Exciting isn’t it?!

Doctor Bea also loves to sing. In her program, she’ll show off her dance and singing talent with a song about the subject of the day.

Are you ready for the clever, sweet and funny doctor Bea?

The first season of The Doctor Bea Show was broadcast in 2017 on Ketnet, and the Ketnet-app, the second season followed in 2019.


Channel: Ketnet
Genre: Educatief kinderprogramma
Broadcasting Period: 2017, 2019