The Flandriens is a six-episode documentary on fifty heroic years of the most legendary Flemish cyclists, The Flandriens. Thirteen top cyclists look back on their main role in the two most relentless of classic cycle races: The Tour of Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. Their genuine testimonies, combined with impressive archive footage, have created a new and unique documentary.

Iconic cycling commentator Michel Wuyts visited the thirteen Flemish cycling champions and followed in their tracks in the re-enactment of their beloved races. We relive the turbulent history of Flanders’ Finest and The Hell of The North from the supply car. We see and listen to what really happened in their mud-stained minds during the Flemish Classics, from the scintillating duels between Van Looy and Merckx to the dominant exploits of team mates Boonen and Devolder. From the sporting rivalry between Walter Godefroot and Eric Leman, or between Roger De Vlaeminck and Freddy Maertens, to the difficult friendship between rivals Eric Vanderaerden and Eddy Planckaert. The tears of Edwig Van Hooydonck, the lion within Johan Museeuw, the double of Peter Van Petegem, nothing is left unspoken.

In their open-hearted conversations with Michel Wuyts, the Flandriens dig into the past to recall their most famous triumphs into the tiniest details. No taboos, no secrets. Juicy anecdotes add an extra dimension to every stage of the race and the viewer experiences it all from the front row, his feet stuck in the mud.

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Channel: Canvas
Genre: Docu, sport
Broadcasting Period: 2010