The Villa is a summer live talk show hosted by Marcel Vanthilt. In his holiday home, this former MTV presenter welcomes a variety of exciting guests. The audience is welcomed inside the house and on the terrace. Some guests are famous, others are unknown. But they all have a unique and topical story to tell as the sun sets down in the city and the audience gathers around the house. The closing act is always a strong musical set.

For this show, the challenge is to design a set that has the grandeur and all the amenities of a studio set, but which is mobile and can easily be moved from one city to the next. After all, the aim of The Villa is to involve local audiences and to become the main attraction of the Belgian cities it visits throughout the summer. A challenge in which De Mensen has succeeded: The Villa has won several internationally acclaimed set design awards.

The Villa, a bubbly talkshow for all generations.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Live, talk
Broadcasting Period: van 2009 tot 2012