Top Starter – an all new reality competition, and a mission to find the country’s most promising new business entrepreneur.

From hundreds of original applicants, a three person expert jury picks the 6 strongest candidates: six starters, each of whom has a clear, creative vision for an own business.

Over half a year, the six are followed as they try to make their business dream a reality, accompanied by the jury, who mentor, test – and ultimately – judge them.

Each month, the starters each report back to the jury on their progress. Who has the keenest business acumen? Who shows the strongest determination to succeed, overcoming all obstacles? But weaknesses are also revealed. In each episode two contestants will be nominated by the jury for elimination, to go head to head in a challenge designed specifically to test their business instincts – and only the strongest will survive.

Finally, one successful candidate will remain, the Top Starter, winning an investment of €25 000 in his/her business.

Top Starter – making business dreams come true.

For sales inquiries, please contact Siobhan Crawford at The New Flemish Primitives.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Docu, reality
Broadcasting Period: 2013