In Traveling With Dad, eight famous dads and one of their kids hit the road to embark on the greatest road trip of their lives. For the first time ever, it’s just the two of them with no one else around.

Gradually dad and son or daughter discover what they really mean to each other. The two travelers map out their route together, decide by mutual agreement on everything that comes their way, and rely solely on each other during the lengthy drives. Away from the cozy familiarity of home, everything is different: more intense, because never before have a dad and his kid been so close.

Every trip takes place at a crucial moment in the lives of the fellow travelers. Each dad has his own special reasons to set out on this trip. There is always the strong, paternal motive, and every father’s way of wanting to meet his own great expectations. Once on the road, they try to meet those expectations the best way they can.

This show observes and monitors everything that comes along on these trips: all of the surprises, the little and big precious moments and the treasures of sincerity finding their way into the conversations. Every journey blooms into a valuable experience for dad and child.

Travelling With Dad is television at its purest.

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Docu, reality
Broadcasting Period: 2010