Season 3

After the events of season 2, a court case and a possible prison sentence are looming over ex-cop Bob. Ferry is released from prison but finds out that his position at the top of the XTC-world is taken over by a new, stronger and more intelligent gang, which is led by the Dutch-Turkish married couple Serkan and Leyla Bulut. When a young undercover agent is murdered, the police realise that they have a mole in their midst. Patrick Diericks makes Bob an offer: he can make his court case disappear if Bob goes undercover again and can unmask the traitor inside Serkan’s gang as a civilian infiltrator. Bob reluctantly takes on this life-threatening mission in order to get his life back on the rails and to secure a future with his new family. But then he encounters Ferry Bouman…

Season 2

Almost a year after the events of season one, Kim works at Human Rights. With the help of her former colleague Bob, her investigation into illegal arms trade in Syria leads her to El Dorado Ranch, a country and western horse-riding ranchl in the Belgian countryside. Bob goes undercover and tries to get into the good graces of the brothers Laurent and JP Berger, arms dealers. 

Meanwhile from inside prison, Ferry Bouman continues his search for the true identities of undercover agents Bob and Kim, while Bob’s teenage daughter Polly wants to find out for once and for all who her father really is… 

Besides familiar faces Tom Waes, Anna Drijver, Frank Lammers (Ferry Bouman) and Elise Schaap (Danielle Bouman), the cast is being joined by Wim Willaert (Eigen Kweek, De Twaalf), Sebastien Dewaele (Eigen KweekDe Dag), Ruth Becquart (Over Water, Chaussée d’Amour), Sanne Samina Hanssen (Zie Mij Graag, Vliegende Hollanders), Jeroen Van der Ven (Salamander 2, Generatie B) and Chris Lomme (Achter De Wolken, In Vlaamse Velden).

The second season of Undercover was produced by Ivy Vanhaecke and Pieter Van Huyck. Nico Moolenaar once again wrote the script together with Piet Matthys and Bart Uytdenhouwen, and also returned as showrunner. Directors for the second season were Pieter Van Hees (HIghway of Love, Versailles) and Cecilia Verheyden (Achter de Wolken, wtFOCK).

Undercover is a series by De Mensen for Eén, in cooperation with Netflix, Proximus, the Brussels-Capital Region, Source Investments/DFW, Federation Entertainment, Les Gens, Gardner and Domm, Gallop, and the Tax Shelter measure from the federal government.

Season 1

One of the largest ecstasy producers in the world, Dutchman Ferry Bouman, lives a charmed life in his villa on the Dutch-Belgian border. But things start to change when two undercover agents move into his territory, attempt to infiltrate Bouman’s life and shut down his network.

Undercover is produced by Pieter Van Huyck, Ivy Vanhaecke and Jan Theys. Writers are showrunner Nico Moolenaar (Vermist), Bart Uytdenhouwen and Piet Matthys. Eshref Reybrouck (Cordon) and Frank Devos (Highway of Love) are in charge of directing. The series stars Tom Waes (Nieuw Texas, Tegen de sterren op), Anna Drijver (Komt een vrouw bij de dokter, Bride Flight, Loft), Frank Lammers (Zwartboek, Michiel de Ruyter, Rundskop), Elise Schaap (Valentino, Ja, ik wil! Familie Kruys), Raymond Thiry (Penoza, Wolf & The Paradise Suite), Tim Haars (New Kids Turbo, Fake), Kevin Janssens (The Ardennes, Vermist) and Huub Smit (New Kids, Riphagen & Bro’s Before Ho’s).

Undercover is a production from De Mensen for VRT/Eén, in collaboration with Proximus, Gardner and Domm, Netflix, Source Investments/DFW, Federation Entertainment, ZDF, Good Friends and the Tax Shelter measure from the Federal Government.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Drama
Broadcasting Period: 2019, 2020, 2021



Jury prize Best Series (Television Pilot Long Form, win)


Official Competition (nomination)


Audience Award (win)