We need to talk is a relationship comedy series about a couple in crisis in a no-exit setting.

After being in a relationship for four years, Els suddenly breaks up with Alex. She has met someone else. Alex’ world comes crumbling down. His heart breaks, panic strikes, he can’t accept it… Did he really not suspect anything or wasn’t he paying attention? Els wants him to pack his bags and leave.

But then a poisonous cloud passes over the country. Everyone has to stay indoors, government’s orders. They will be cooped up inside together for at least one day, perhaps even a couple of days. Plenty of time to end up hating each other completely, or… to find love once again, renewed trust and the best sex ever. After intense conversations, romantic memories and hurtful accusations, it all comes down to one question: will their relationship survive?


Channel: Eén
Genre: fictie
Broadcasting Period: 2021