After the successful series Birth Day, journalist-photographer Lieve Blancquaert travels around the world once more. This time to bring into picture marriage, the second big step in our lives. She sets out to try and find an answer to the question what it means to get married in a certain place of culture. Marriage is the perfect stepping stone for her to dig into the larger theme of love.

8 weddings

Wedding Day consists of 9 episodes. Each episodes takes place in a different place in the world, in different surroundings or in another culture. 8 different weddings and one compilation episode. 

Lieve travels to the Dutch Bible Belt, where God plays a very important role in marriage. She visits Senegal, where polygamy is legal. She has a blast in Juchitàn de Zaragoza, in southern Mexico, where the women are in charge. She finds out what it’s like to marry in times of war, when she is a guest at a wedding in a refugee camp in Jordan, near the border of Syria. She travels to Nanjiecun, the last communist village in China, to witness a collective wedding of forty couples. On Valentine’s Day, she visits Las Vegas, where weddings are big business. She’s in Nepal where child marriages are practiced, when a devastating earthquake strikes the country. And she is invited to a decadent upper class wedding in New Delhi, India, where arranged marriages are the only widely acknowledged form of tying the knot. 

Wedding Day, was broadcast in 2015-2016 on Eén. 

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Docu
Broadcasting Period: van 2015 tot 2016


AIB Media Excellence Awards

2016, Best Documentary (Nominated)

World Media Festival

2016, Beste Documentaire (Win) 2016, Documentaries: Society and Social Issues (Win)

De Vlaamse Televisie Sterren

2016, Beste Presenter (Nomination) 2016, Beste Documentary (Nomination)