We’re Going To Ibiza! is a brand new quiz show where celebrity host Cath Luyten welcomes one young Flemish couple every night, engaged to be married this year. The bride and groom to be will compete against each other to win the ultimate bachelor(ette) party: 4 days in Ibiza. Without their fiancé.

The Ibiza party crew

Both betrothed will be assisted during the quiz by two celebrities from the Ibiza Party Crew, which consists out of 10 Flemish celebrities. Two female celebrities to stand by her, and two male celebrities to back up him.

Love is beautiful. Ibiza even more so!

The winners move on to the finale and compete for the very desirable main prize: a 4-day bachelor(ette) party in Ibiza… 

We’re going to Ibiza! was broadcast February-March 2015 on Eén. 

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Channel: Eén
Genre: Entertainment, game
Broadcasting Period: 2015