Host Ben Crabbé, a football lover in heart and soul, invites three football friends to diner and puts one Red Devil on the menu every night. Together with his guests, he fillets the footballer from head to toe. Is Heden Hazard the perfect captain for the Red Devils? Why hasn’t Romelu Lukaka boomed yet at the national team? And is Roberto Martinez always right?

Ben’s guests are experts like Jan MulderMarc Couckeand Marc Degryse, but also Erik Van LooyLinda De Winand Otto-Jan Ham. They will be talking about Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, Romelu Lukaku, Dries Mertensand Vincent Kompany.

World Champions will bring the headlights of a lively night of dining and talking about our Red Devils in Russia. Starting the 21th of May every Monday and Thursday evening on Eén.


Channel: Eén
Genre: Sport
Broadcasting Period: 2018