The Eén-drama series 'Hotel Beau Sejour' by production company De Mensen will be screened on the 46th edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam. The series, which will be broadcasted starting 1st of January 2017 on Eén, has been selected for the category Voices. The first two episodes are showed during the festival, which runs from the 25th of January till the 5th of February 2017.

Every year the international Film Festival Rotterdam offers the audience an extended gamma of films and series. In Voices, one of the 4 programme sections of the festival, IFFR screens films and series driven by their story or theme, mostly made by established directors with a confident voice. Hotel Beau Sejour is the sole Belgian selection for this category.

This isn’t the first international adventure for Hotel Beau Sejour. The series has been introduced in April 2016 on the French Séries Mania Festival where it received the Audience Award for Best Series. After that, Hotel Beau Sejour visited festivals in Montreal, München, Zürich, Odessa, Gent and Brussels. Hotel Beau Sejour will also be broadcasted starting March the 2nd2017 in France and Germany at ARTE. It marks the first time a Flemish series will be broadcasted on the renowned channel, which is known for purchasing qualitative fiction (The Killing, Borgen). The international sale of Hotel Beau Sejour is done by the French sales agent Lagardère Studios Distribution.

Hotel Beau Sejour had its avant-premier on December the 12th2016 in the presence of cast, crew, press and fiction lovers during Are You Series? in Bozart in Brussels.

 Hotel Beau Sejour

 The series follows Kato Hoeven, a young girl who sets out to solve her own murder case. Her biggest obstacle: she’s dead. But if she’s dead, how come she still walks around? Nobody can see or hear her. Along the way she discovers 5 people still can see and hear her. Some of them she knows, others she doesn’t. What exactly happened on the night of her death? And why are there 5 seers, why them specifically? This raw, whodunit flirts with the barriers of reality and is set in a small village where a lot of secrets lie dormant under the surface. Lynn Van Royen (Marsman, Brothers United) plays the leading role as Kato. Other roles are filled by Johan Van Assche, Kris Cuppens, Inge Paulussen, Jan Hammenecker, Joren Seldeslachts, Barbara Sarafian, Reinhilde Decleir, Roel Vanderstukken and Maarten Nulens. Hotel Beau Sejouris written by Bert Van Dael (Clan, Rotkop), Benjamin Sprengers (Connie & Clyde) and Sanne Nuyens (De Vijfhoek, Dura Lex), and was directed by Nathalie Basteyns (Jes, Clan) and Kaat Beels (Swooni, Clan).

The series was funded by VAF/Mediafonds from Flemish Minister of Media Sven Gatz

 International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR)

The 12-day festival takes place annually in January and February and is organised by Foundation International Film Festival Rotterdam. This year runs the 46thedition.  The festival has a diverse film programme every year and attracted over 300.000 visitors in 2016, including various international film professionals.

 Hotel Beau Sejour, starting 1stof January 2017, 21h30 at Eén.