The countdown to the first Sunday of September can begin, because Eén will then kick off the long-awaited second season of the popular series. This season Bob (Tom Waes) moves from the campsite to a country and western ranch where everyone acts like they are cowboys in the wild West. His target: brothers and arms dealers Berger (played by Sebastien Dewaele and Wim Willaert).

The story: undercover with arms dealers in western style

Less than a year after the events of the first season, Kim (Anna Drijver) works at a human rights NGO. Because her investigation into illegal arms trade in Syria is not advancing as she wants to, she goes against the rules and asks for the help of her ex-colleague Bob (Tom Waes). This is how Bob comes into contact with the center of the Belgian illegal arms trade: the brothers Laurent and JP Berger. At first sight, they look like friendly guys running the El Dorado Ranch, a country and western riding school in the Belgian hinterland. But behind the scenes, the brothers are ruthless arms dealers with blood on their hands. Bob goes undercover and finds himself once again in the lion’s den. He tries to get into the brothers’ good graces. Meanwhile Ferry Bouman (Frank Lammers) is seeking revenge from prison. He wants to get back at Bob and Kim and continues his search for their true identity. And also Polly, Bob’s teenage daughter, doesn’t leave her father alone. She wants to know who her father really is and starts an investigation of her own. But perhaps in doing so she’ll jeopardize his mission…

Tom Waes: “Shooting Undercover 2 was a party. From the first reading it was clear that the scripts and the cliffhangers are even more thrilling than last season. Bob Lemmens will be under pressure from all sides this time, wonderful to play a man with so many different faces. The fans of Undercover, both in Belgium and the Netherlands and the rest of the world, will be on the edge of their seats for ten episodes.”

Flemish-Dutch all-star cast for the second season

Besides familiar faces Tom Waes, Anna Drijver, Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap (Danielle Bouman), to join the cast are Wim Willaert (Eigen kweek, The twelve), Sebastien Dewaele (Eigen kweek, 24 hours – two sides of crime), Ruth Becquart (Over water, Highway of love), Sanne Samina Hanssen (Please, love me, Turbulent skies), Jeroen Van der Ven (Salamander 2, Generation B) and Chris Lomme (Behind the clouds, In Flanders fields).

The first season was not only a success in Flanders with an average of 1.176.300 viewers (4+; Live +7; + VRT NU), but also scored great internationally: Undercover was the most viewed series on Netflix in the Netherlands in 2019, doing better than Money heist, The Irishman and The witcher. Undercover was also a success on Netflix in Latin America. The series was shown in France on Canal+ and in Germany on ZDFNeo and won several awards, including the award for best series at the Cinequest festival in California and at Seriencamp in Munich.

The second season of Undercover was produced by Ivy Vanhaecke and Pieter Van Huyck. Nico Moolenaar returned to write the script, together with Piet Matthys and Bart Uytdenhouwen and he was once again the showrunner. This season was directed by Pieter Van Hees (Highway of love, Versailles) and Cecilia Verheyden (Behind the clouds, wtFOCK).

Undercover is a series produced by production company De Mensen for Eén, in collaboration with Netflix, Proximus, the Brussels-Capital Region, Source Investments/DFW, Federation Entertainment, Les Gens, Gardner and Domm, Gallop, and the Tax Shelter measure of the federal government. New this season is that Netflix will also offer the series outside Belgium as from 6 September.